Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Mishka Mushka, Mickey Mouse!

Mason will be 2 this weekend and he loves Mickey Mouse!  Here's what I've made so far for his party.  Unfortunately, the party place doesn't allow you to hang decorations, so I won't be making much. 


Birthday parties are so much fun!  Especially when it's your 2nd one!!

Once I got the wording centered, I made these pretty quickly.  I used the Disney Cricut cartridge for the 6" Mickey Mouse head on card stock paper.  The white insert slips out and has the party information in a free Mickey font I found online.

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Goody bags


These are 1X8 cello bags filled with M&M's and topped with a Mickey diecut.

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More Favors

I've yet to the make the big batch for the party. These are the practice ones.

To make these cookies, you will need:
*Double Stuf Oreos
*Mini Oreos
*Black candy writer
*Red candy writer
*Wilton red candy melts
*White confetti/sprinkles
*Wax paper
*Cookie sheet

-Use the black candy writer to "glue" the mini Oreos to the big Oreo
-Place on wax paper and freeze until the candy hardens
-Once dry, use the red candy writer to draw a line across the cookies as the top of the pants
-Melt candy chips as directed and dip cookie to the red line
-Place your "buttons"
-Place completed cookie on wax paper in the freezer until the pants harden

For the candy writers, I used the BUFF brand from Michael's.  I think the hardest part was finding ears that "fit" correctly.  I had to eat quite a few that weren't *just* right. ;) 


Jack's Mom said...

Christi!!! I wish you had posted all of this before July!! Haha...James had a Mickey Mouse party, and I SOOOOO would've used your ideas for inspiration. I'm sensing a Mickey Mouse inspired Bento in my future :) Loving your blog!

Anonymous said...

How did you seal the cello bags? Please Help

Christi said...

The bags I ordered had adhesive. I got them from GT Bag Co. Their smallest quantity is 100. I hope that helps.

Anonymous said...

How did you make the Mickey Mouse top for the bags?

Christi said...

The Mickey Mouse tops on the cello bags were made with my Cricut machine, using a Disney cartridge. Sometimes people sell them on Etsy.com or I'd be happy to sell you some if you need them.

Anonymous said...

Question... The centerpieces... Where did you find the Mickey Mouse faces???

Christi said...

I made the Mickey Mouse faces with my Cricut using a Disney cartridge. They are layered, so each piece is a different cut. I hope that helps.

Kashia Vogeler said...

What specific cricut cartridge did you use. I have been looking for one to do the invitations like you did, as well as making the cool numbers with the ears and pants.

Christi said...

Kashia - I used "DISNEY - Mickey Mouse Font." I found it on Ebay.

Anonymous said...

How did you get the red paper to stay only on the outside of the black Mickey to allow the white part of the inviation to slide in and out?

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