Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Fingerprint Reindeers

Did you know Christmas is only 110 days away?  Wow, time is flying!!

These cute gift tags are easy to make & add a personal touch to your gift.  I don't recall who gave me this idea.  So if you are reading this and you're saying, "HEY!  You stole my idea!!" - please tell me so I can give you credit. :)

What you need:
*Card stock paper
*Brown paint
*Red paint
*Small paint brush
*Paper plate
*Black Sharpie
*Your kids

-Cut your card stock to the preferred size
-Pour brown and red paint on paper plate
-Lightly paint your child's thumb with brown paint and press on tag
-Use a dab of red paint on the tip of your child's pinkie finger and dab on the nose
-Let dry
-Once dry, use Black Sharpie to draw antlers and eyes

If the brown paint is too thick, the reindeer head won't dry very well and it will look like a blob of poop. :)  If you are using special paper, practice on plain paper first.  I used Caden's thumbs and Mason's pinkie last year since he was too small to sit still for more than 2 seconds. 

For the paper pictured, I used silver card stock and a corner rounder to round it out.

Ta-da!  Merry Christmas!

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