Monday, January 2, 2012

Crayon Wreaths

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I saw one of these on and thought they would be cute for my son's pre-school teachers.  The kids had to miss their Christmas parties at school, so they won't get them until tomorrow.  They weren't as easy as they look and I had to start over a few times to get them to look decent.

What you need (per wreath):
*6" embroidery hoop
*10" embroidery hoop
*box of 64 count crayons
*hot glue
*blocks or whatever decorations you choose

-Embroidery hoops come with 2 pieces.  You will only need one piece from each hoop.
-Place the smaller hoop directly in the center of the larger hoop.
-Place a dab of hot glue on each ring and place the crayon right side up.  On the first few, I lined up the bottom ring on the crayon wrapper to the small hoop.
-As you continue with each crayon, make sure the bottom bumps up the one that's already in place.

-It will start out like this:

-As you continue to add crayons, make sure it's creating a circular pattern as you glue them.  The first few times I started, it looked too boxy because I kept lining up the wrappers instead of the bottom of the crayon.

-You can see where I had to remove the crayons and start over....

-When you are finished, run ribbon from the back around 2 crayons, leaving some slack, knot and bow.  That's it!
-I used 53 crayons on one wreath and 54 on the other.  I found the block letters and apple at Hobby Lobby near the unfinished wood section.  Good luck!

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