Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Halloween Pumpkins Guys

These little guys are so easy to make.  My Aunt Donna gave me this idea & it was a huge hit at my son's preschool Halloween party!

What you need:
*Snack size bags of M&M's, Skittles, or whatever candy you prefer
*Sixlets candy
*Popsicle sticks
*Pumpkin foam kit or Styrofoam pumpkins
*Hot glue gun
*Fall leaves or garland
*Hole punch or scissors

- Hot glue your popsicle stick to the back of candy bag, leaving a portion of the stick exposed for the head.
- Hot glue tubes of Sixlets candy for the arms & legs. 
- Make a hole in your leaf with hole punch or pair of scissors.
- Place over exposed part of the popsicle stick as the "shirt."
- Decorate your pumpkin face & glue to exposed part of stick.

I found my pumpkin heads at Hobby Lobby.  You can decorate the faces as you wish & it's fun for kids!  If you can't find the foam kit, you can use wooden pumpkins or mini-styrofoam pumpkins & decorate the face with a marker.

The best place I have found for the tubes of Sixlets is the Dollar Store.  They are the perfect color for fall!  I prefer to use M&M's as the body since the bag is brown.  Again, another fall color.

That's it!  So easy & super cute!